Maximizing Positive Impact: Consultants - Creating new value

In a time of unprecedented change, we face enormous challenges and extraordinary opportunities. It’s never been more important to combine human ingenuity and the power of technology to create solutions that drive positive impact. Saying it doesn't make us unique, showing it to you does!

It's challenging to determine "the absolute best SAP consultants", as the effectiveness of a consultant can depend on various factors such as their experience, expertise, communication skills, and the specific needs of the company or project they are working on. This is our daily challenge and how do we achieve that goal?:

Experience Gamification in recruitment

Industry Knowledge Communication Skills

Problem-Solving Abilities Team Player

Adaptability References and Reputation

Project Management Skills Understanding of Business Processes

Power your hiring. Upload a vacancy.

Expert Intellectual capital

More than 20 years of projects, troubleshooting and challenges overcome, which translate into SAP experiences, solutions and best practices.

Innovative Solutions

Quick and secure decisions require professionals with authority on the subject. In our luggage we bring an accumulated intellectual capital with many projects, troubleshootings and overcome challenges, which translate into experiences, solutions and best practices to be shared

Consultative Approach

Assessments - Quality Assurance - Best Practices - Capacity Studies - Recommendations and Counseling

Professional Services

Digital transformation projects or upgrading existing infrastructure or systems always bring additional costs and some challenges, but also opportunities to save on support contracts and other operational costs.

Predict the future by creating it - Application Value

Are you an Application Management Service (AMS) consultant looking to elevate your game? Well, there's something different about AV (Application Value) support, and it could be the game-changer you've been waiting for!

Many organizations invest heavily in enterprise software solutions but often fall short of unlocking their full potential. That's where AV comes into play, and here's why it's distinct:

Maximizing SAP Solution Value: Beyond the initial setup, AV focuses on long-term value, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction, end-user satisfaction, and solution agility.

Proactive Engagement: AV isn't just about support; it's a proactive partnership with clients to extract more value from their SAP solutions.

Award-Winning Service: Our client's Application Value (AV) is an award-winning AMS that adheres to ITIL principles. It specializes SAP -AMS.

On-Demand Flexibility: Clients pay only for the support they use, with options for additional services like quarterly Release Management support.

SAP Experts: Our client boasts a team of SAP-certified professionals with deep knowledge in their respective fields.

Comprehensive Services: AV covers maintenance, support, application governance, enhancements, and even project support for digital transformation.

Service Customization: Offers a range of service types to cater to organizations of all sizes, ensuring flexibility, compliance, and standardization.

So, if you're an AMS consultant ready to take your SAP support skills to the next level, consider the AV difference. Unlock the true potential of SAP solutions and make a lasting impact with Application Value!