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two people sitting during day
two people sitting during day

First of all

Potential of Your Business

Discover how our experienced consultants can revolutionize your business operations and drive unprecedented growth, with our deep knowledge and technical competence, we offer transparent information and implement innovative solutions, to improve efficiency and productivity, connecting the best SAP and technology talent with the right roles.

woman using MacBook Pro with person in white top
woman using MacBook Pro with person in white top

Not to mention

Our Expert Consultants

Discover how our team of experienced consultants can revolutionize your project and transform your organization. With their deep knowledge and technical expertise, they will provide valuable insights and implement improvements to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

And let's not forget

Maximize Efficiency and Productivity

Experience the power of Pottenza with our comprehensive consulting services. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists will work closely with you to identify the best available resource. Our innovative strategies will streamline your recruiting processes and increase efficiency and boost productivity. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your organization.

The agility in the search for consultants is our main differential and we challenge our competitors to send a highly specialized consultant with a compatible investment in the shortest possible time.

About Pottenza Consulting

We are a "young company" but with more than 30 years of experience in the SAP market. Our partners have worked at the world's largest SAP consultancies and know better than anyone what SAP customers and partners need.

1) Specialized knowledge: The main advantage of our model is that it allows the client to access specialized knowledge in specific areas of SAP. Our consultants have extensive experience and certifications in specific SAP modules or solutions, making them highly qualified to handle complex problems and challenging projects.

2) Integration with the internal team: Pottenza consultants work closely with the client's internal team. This facilitates better collaboration as external consultants bring different experiences and perspectives to the team. The resulting synergy can lead to more efficient and innovative solutions.

3) Flexibility: Companies can hire consultants for a specific period as needed, which is useful for short-term projects or seasonal demands.

4) Reduced Operating Costs – Compared to other consulting approaches, such as hiring an entire consulting firm to manage a project, the Pottenza Consulting model can be more cost effective. This is because the client company only pays for the consultants' services during the assignment period, without the added expense of managing and operating an entire consulting team.

5) Focus on internal knowledge: By working with a team of Pottenza Consulting consultants, the internal team of the client company can benefit from the knowledge acquired by external consultants. This can improve the internal team's ability to deal with similar problems in the future, reducing continued reliance on external consultants.

Unlock the potential of your project with Pottenza professional service

Understand how our team can help you prepare for the future, are you ready for a new level of service? We will be happy to share a little more about our history and our vision of the SAP professional services universe.

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